Bizarre Behavior in Politics can be explained

Bizarre Behavior in Politics can be explained

I keep getting asked over and over why we are seeing such bizarre behavior coming from political leaders in our country and from those who work for them. I have written articles on this before but am going to add this one to the others for a further guide to answer the “why” questioning. We know that most mental health professionals who work specifically with sociopaths and psychopaths agree that a malignant narcissist with ego fragidity is a part of our lives currently due to a recent election. So hope the following information also helps you understand better some of what we are experiencing as well:

The sociopath, compared to some of the loons that you have met in the past, appears more ‘normal’ than anyone that you have ever met. Pay attention if they:
Appears just too good to be true
Makes lots of promises to you, promising you an ideal future (check actions with words)
Wants to be ‘very’ involved in all areas of your life
Is very ‘nosey’
Tells amazing stories, that sound unbelievable (it probably is)
Is very charismatic and charming
Initially oversteps the mark with ‘personal space’
Has an intense gaze and stare
Plays victim about events in his past. Will paint them-self as the victim of past events, and the ideal, perfect catch.

A sociopath hates to be confronted about their lies. The lie is their cover. It is the cloak that a sociopath wears as a mask to the outside world. A sociopath hides behind its lies. Lies give them power. It gives the power to manipulate and deceive. Sociopaths take pleasure from manipulating people.
The most important thing to a sociopath is CONTROL. A sociopath hates to lose control. When you confront a sociopath about a lie, when you have gained the evidence, and confront them, they will do the following.
1. Change the subject
2. Become angry
3. Deflect (well what about x y z)?

They will REFUSE to confess to the lie. And will do anything to protect the lie. The lie is their friend. It is behind the lie that they feel safe.
Because after all of the lies, you quite rightfully do not trust them, who would? They will go on and on and on about how you accused them of something that they didn’t do. They will repeat this for weeks. Sociopaths are great at deflection.

Everyone tells lies every now and again. White lies ‘Sorry I am late…..’ to your boss or ‘I can’t come to xxx because xxx’…. we all do this. Normally this is to get us out of trouble, or to prevent hurting someone’s feelings.
A sociopath however is different. A sociopath tells lies habitually, pathologically. What this means is that they lie all of the time. Most of what they say is not the truth. They lie to manipulate and deceive. They always have an agenda. When they are lying they have no care about your welfare, or your needs. They are simply thinking of their own selfish needs.

A sociopath will tell lies about everything – From what they ate for breakfast, to how much money they have, to what happened in their past. They will tell the most incredible lies. There is a saying ‘the bigger the lie, the more believable it is’ a sociopath would think nothing of telling you that somebody was dying of cancer (even themselves) if it suited their own needs. They would make up that they had a job, leave the house every day be out of the house all day. For no particular reason. They lie when often it would be far easier to tell the truth. There is no sense to it. They do not think ‘obviously this lie will be found out’ this doesn’t matter. What is important is using the lie to get what they want.

They like to win. They like to get what they want. They will lie and betray your trust, to use you, and to get what they want from you.

Smear campaigns
Using information that you have entrusted him with, he will start what is known as ‘smear campaigns’ against you. He will lie about you. Send emails about you. Twitter about you. He will do anything to ruin your good name, and therefore discredit you, and your credibility.
His objective is to isolate you further, and to stop other people finding out who he really is.
The reason that he does this is because he fears losing control. Remember that sociopaths are actually very weak people. They are reliant on living behind a mask and of people thinking that they are different to who they really are. He has to find some way of silencing you. At worst, he could kill you. But most sociopath’s wouldn’t do this, and are not capable of this. So instead he tries to silence you some other way.
He operates on fear. By trying to install fear into you. By threatening you. He threatens to report you to authorities. He is now wielding his power over you.

You might, at this point, wonder when this is going to end? He might bombard you, but not in a positive kind bombing way. It will be bombarding of texts, emails, and if you ignore him, he could shout, point fingers at you, turn things around to make you look stupid, etc., but will never take responsibility for anything he does. Remember this is his need for control.

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