Corporate Consulting Coaching

Leadership Motivation

At California Cognitive Behavioral Institute, Dr. Kathie Mathis helps develop your leadership abilities. She guides you through identifying and learning how you can reinforce the qualities as skills that increase your personal and professional power. Through this program, you will learn to identify and learn how you can reinforce the qualities and skills that increase your personal power.

Dr. Mathis provides a competitive edge to our participants by helping them discover the powerful behaviors that will help you perform at your optimal effectiveness while minimizing the negative consequences associated with stress, and she will help you apply the ‘Law of the Slight Edge.’

At California Cognitive Behavioral Institute, Dr. Kathie Mathis believes that it is your beliefs and values that shape your destiny, which is why she helps you evaluate the impact of ethics on business as well as personal decisions. Participants will learn how the team can achieve the maximum ‘loft’ by thoroughly understanding the vigorous interrelationships and drawing upon the discrete talents within the team.

Management Change

When you enroll in this program, Dr. Kathie Mathis helps you navigate the challenge of change by making wise choices. Through this program, you can discover the various multifaceted dynamics of change and the challenges associated with it and effectively changing the implementation techniques as Well as strategies. Dr. Kathie Mathis will help participants develop synergy to thrive during challenge and change.

Conflicting priorities are given in developing businesses. You can learn how to surface diverse ideas alongside concerns and how you can integrate them into a practical plan of action. Individual resilience is an important part of the change. Whether chosen or involuntary, individual resilience is a crucial aspect of the process towards increased creativity, productivity, and the fulfillment of your professional and personal goals.

Negotiation Skills

Through her negotiation skills training, Dr. Kathie Mathis guides participants to develop influential conflict resolution skills. The conflict between individuals with opposing goals is inexorable. Her negotiation skill training teaches you how to turn all such encounters into powerful opportunities to expand your businesses’ vision. She helps you win situations through effective negotiation. She will develop your negotiating skills to build trust and confidence between you and your counterpart, improve your timing, and cerate options.

Human Relations Communication Training

Once you learn how different behavioral styles affect business alongside personal relationships, you can effectively employ this knowledge to achieve all the goals you have set for yourself. At California Cognitive Behavioral Institute, Dr. Kathie Mathis teaches you effective business presentation skills to sell yourself effectively and your ideas to others with utmost confidence. Unlock your hidden potential and learn to communicate clearly to meet both personal and professional goals.

Building Personal Skills

It is important to hone your communication skills as they are one of the strongest indicators of marital or relationship success. Effective negotiation is a method of amalgamating two different people’s ideas. We help you develop your communication skills, for instance, cues, improved timing, separating the person from the issue, establishing goals and creating options.