Trauma and Narrative Exposure Therapy will help a participant to:

  1. Help a trauma survivor to tap into their innate ability to heal
  2. Restore balance to the mind and body
  3. Help a professional to help their clients release unresolved traumas to live more fully
  4. Help relieve anxiety, insomnia, depression, and unexplained pain
  5. Explore key concepts in understanding narrative Exposure Therapy
  6. Learn “hot” implicit memories vs. “cool” declarative memories
  7. Learn ways to adapt techniques for preventing continued trauma reactions
  8. Learn step-by-step NET skills to help a client in their recovery from trauma
  9. Help survivors separate trauma of the past that keeps them from the living in the present
  10. Help survivors create a “legal testimony”
  11. Build client resilience for future challenges
  12. Reduce a survivor’s suffering through integration techniques


NET is a form of exposure that encourages traumatized survivors to tell their detailed life history chronologically to a skilled counselor or psychotherapist who will record it, read it back, and assist the survivor with the task of integrating fragmented traumatic memories into a coherent narrative.

NOTE: This 3-Day Training is $500. You will receive a certificate at the end of the training.