Coaching & Counseling

Life Coaching $156 P/H

Individual Counseling $260 P/H

Excellence in CBT Training

Dr. Kathie Mathis provides a wide variety of CBT programs for teachers, educators, and students. Whether you are unfamiliar with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) or Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R) or well proficient in these techniques, training with the California Cognitive Behavioral Institute will develop your skills and train you for success in the profession. Over the past (insert number of years) years, Dr. Kathie Mathis’ therapeutic model and fundamental principles have been applied by California Cognitive Behavioral Institute to train more than 325,000 professionals. Dr. Kathie Mathis is proud to deliver a wide range of training programs in a wide range of environments.

A Leading Source for Training, Therapy, and Resources in CBT

Through her vision, Dr. Kathie Mathis has carried out her goal to enhance the lives of people by delivering outstanding CBT training to physical and mental health practitioners worldwide. California Cognitive Behavioral Institute has developed into an unprecedented center for excellence in CBT. Dr. Kathie Mathis offers educational tools and unique training programs for both individual practitioners and organizations.

Here Is How Your Organization Can Benefit From CBT Coaching and Counseling

Dr. Kathie Mathis will help you build a training program to meet the needs of your team. The prospectus model of the California Cognitive Behavioral Institute is structured to optimize learning and adherence to the CBT therapy approach in a sustainable manner. This maximizes the organization’s investment in time and resources by ensuring that the managers, clinicians, and eventually, your customers benefit as much as possible from preparation, both in the short as well as long term.

Organizations That We Work With Include

  • Public networks for mental health
  • Private mental health organizations
  • Hospitals and health services
  • Schools and districts of schools
  • Schools/ Colleges/ Universities
  • Mental Health Facilities
  • Prison and forensic settings

Our Workplace Violence Prevention Program

Anxieties and mental pressures are high in these volatile times, rising the likelihood of workplace violence. The Workplace Violence Prevention Program presented by Dr. Kathie Mathis will provide information, knowledge, approaches, and practical methods to create a healthier and more efficient working atmosphere. Her Workplace Violence Prevention Program can be given to every organization or group, including the particular needs of the customer. Continuous preparation and regular evaluation of weaknesses should be part of every responsible administrative program. Many problems that are regularly ignored can leave the workplace vulnerable to fraud, lawsuits, and major prosecutions.