What Is REBT?


Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy is a type of therapy that involves facing the sagacity of your negative feelings. Every single one of us has doubts and fears; however, some of them are simply irrational as well as contradictory. For instance, some people who have a fear to die on the plane, but are okay with driving to the store are being illogical and self-contradictory, since commercial airplanes are the safest to travel in. You have a much higher chance of dying while driving.

How Rational Are Your Thoughts?

If you have some thoughts that are bringing you down pause for a second and think just how rational these thoughts are. Are you scared to ask somebody out? What is the worst that they can do? Say no? And the best case scenario is that you will have a date for the night, and this outweighs the worst case scenario. If you do not apply for a job because you fear that you are not qualified enough, why? What if you got chosen, or got close to being chosen? If you spend your time thinking that you are not going to get the job, it is going to become a self-fulfilling prediction.

California Cognitive Behavioral Institute for rational emotive therapy offer numerous certification programs and seminars to help you become an expert in dealing with cognitive behavioral therapy. These programs and seminars are as follows.

Certification Programs

40 Hr. Batterers Facilitator Training
40 Hr. Domestic Violence Training (victims)
Court Advocacy – 20 hours
Certified Life Coach – 3 Day
Sex Addiction Level I – 3 Day
Laughter Coach – 3 Day
Emotional Addiction Coach – 3 Day




Action Coaching to help you move forward in business and overcome blocks
Laughter Coaching to help with stress, anxiety and anger
Communication Skills
Leadership – Improving skills and How to Become a Leader
How to be a Good Manager/Supervision
Anger Management
Time Management
How to Work with an Controlling Boss and Keep Your Job
Creating a Team of Creative Thinkers and Doers
Presentation Skills
Interim Administrative Services


Action Coaching to assist with taking action and not procrastinating
Laughter Coaching to assist with depression, grief, anxiety and stress
Parenting Skills
Time Management
Forgiveness Workshop – the ultimate life experience
Leadership skills and Manager improvement skills
Improving Relationships through better Communication
Overcoming and Surviving Divorce
How to help Children Surviving Your Divorce
Coaching for addiction and abuse recovery
Grief Recovery
Sociopathic Abusive Relationships

Faith Leaders

What Congregations Should Know About Domestic Violence
Faith Leaders Workshop on Child Abuse
What Faith Leaders Need to Know about Domestic Violence
Faith Leaders and Community – Building Partnerships for Change
Pastoral Care for Domestic Violence
Pastoral Self Care Workshop
Relationship with God and Spouse – keep the balance


Child Abuse – What Educators need to know
Stop Bullying
Teen Dating Violence/Abuse Information and Prevention
Anger Management for Students
Improving Relationships with Parents


Secondary Trauma and the Legal Field
What the Attorneys need to know about Domestic Violence and Child Abuse
Small Justice and Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)
Anger Management for Students
Improving Relationships with Parents