Parenting For Positive Results


Parenting for Positive Results is California Cognitive Behavioral Institute’s family-centered and evidence based training program for facilitators of parenting classes. This training is designed to help facilitator’s to teach parents how to build parenting skills that are nurturing, to stop intergenerational cycles of child abuse, and foster positive relationships between parent and child (ren).

The curriculum covers behaviors, self-esteem building skills, empathy, communication, alternatives to hitting and yelling, nurturing parenting skills, appropriate role and developmental expectations, along with practice exercises and curriculum for weekly classes:

  • Evidence based and best practices curriculum
  • Demonstrated effective philosophy and strategies
  • Designed for treatment and prevention of child abuse
  • Provides family based interventions
  • Allows facilitators and parents to chart successes
  • Develops empathy, self-worth, self-awareness, empowerment, age appropriate expectations
  • Provides facilitators with individual lessons to promote family growth and appropriate parenting skills
  • Guides family bonding through fun
  • Provides re-parenting support and success
  • Facilitator training and certification from a recognized institution and Master Trainer