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What is a toxic workplace? by Emily Esparza A toxic workplace is one that negatively affects your well-being, causing you stress, anxiety, worry. It’s one in which gossip, fighting, coercion, back-stabbing, manipulation, blackmail, and abuse occur on a regular basis. 13 signs you’re dealing with a toxic work environment There’s poor communication Notice changes around

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Saying “NO” more often!

Saying no is sometimes hard for people to do.  They feel obligated, guilty, inadequate at possibly completing the request or any other excuse, so say “yes” when they should have said “no”!  We need to realize that sometimes saying no to something opens up the door for the “yes” we need. I know I have

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POSITIVE INTENTIONS Having the right mindset during this time in our history is important to having a good day! With all the hate, misogyny, lies, shootings, and uncertainty; Leaders with no moral compass, who bully others, whose characters are centered around deceit and fake love proving “love thy neighbor as thy self” is not a

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Neuroscience of Memory Process

The two main types of memory processes that predominate when someone is in counseling and/or psychotherapy are Implicit and Explicit Memory. What separates them is the level of conscious awareness in memory recall. Explicit Memory:  when we recall a memory of a specific instance, event or fact. Implicit Memory:  when we are not aware (largely

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A friend of mine was visiting me this week and had brought his pet dog Kody to visit as well.  It was a beautiful day and we went for a walk in the i Forest close to my house. As we walked the trails and climbed over beautiful boulders, there would be some cactus from

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