It is said that our emotions guide us in facing predicaments and tasks too important to leave to intellect alone – danger, painful loss, persisting toward a goal despite frustrations, bonding with a mate, building a family. Each emotion offers a distinctive readiness to act, each points us in a direction that has worked well

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Microbiota and Mood Disorders like Anger!

Dr. Kathie Mathis, Psy.D, D.D., CAMS-IV, CDAC, CSAC ,  CEO California Cognitive Behavioral Institute Humans have over 100 trillion bacteria, highly abundant in the intestinal tract. Evidence suggests that intestinal microbiota is associated with the neuro-endocrine-immune pathways and can be associated with various mood disorders. This review summarizes findings from studies looking into neurobiochemical, neuroendocrine,

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Covid-19 and Human Trafficking

COVID-19 and Human Trafficking Posted by HTS | 2020 | COVID-19, Forced Labor, Sex Trafficking | 0  The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has resulted in widespread stay at home orders, shuttering businesses and creating mass layoffs.  Human traffickers prey on those who are economically vulnerable which has some experts concerned that the virus could lead to an increase in trafficking in persons.  At the same

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RADICAL COMPASSION VS REGULAR COMPASSION : article by the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness Radical compassion is a term coined by the philosopher Khen Lampert, in 2003.  His theory of radical compassion appeared in Traditions of Compassion: from Religious Duty to Social-Activism (2006).  Lampert identifies compassion as a special case of empathy, directed towards the “other’s” distress. Radical compassion is a specific type of general

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A Guide to Rational Living Therapy

1. What is Rational Living Therapy? Rational living therapy is the philosophy of living an ethical life that makes one’s life meaningful. The philosophy is based on what is known as “Thinking Aims” (TATs). TATs (this does not explain the acronym!)  are important to be an effective therapist. They help the way you approach your

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Things you must know About the Workplace Violence Prevention Program

1. What is a violence prevention program? One of the things that people might think when they hear the term “violence prevention program” is a lot of guns, and other firearms that are used. This type of program does not solely address firearms, because there are other things that are deemed as violent, besides using

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NORMALIZING THE ABNORMAL  – Willful Ignorance (PSYCHOLOGY TODAY AND OTHER SOURCES) How is it that in America, the land of the free – where individuality, freedom to pursue one’s happiness and live fully within one’s inalienable rights is the standard–we are settling for a government put in office by a foreign dictator and intent upon removing the rights

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Covids effects on Intimate Terrorism Confinement is a breeding ground for domestic abuse Reports of increasing rates of domestic violence are beginning to surface around the world. In China, domestic violence is reported to have tripled during their shelter in-place mandate. Additionally, France has indicated a 30 % increase in domestic violence reports, Brazil estimates

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