Similarities between Cults and Batterers

CULTS                                                                            BATTERERS

*Deception/Lies (the act of causing someone           * Deception/Liars

To accept as true and valid what is false                     *Delusional Disorder

and invalid

*Indoctrination                                                                *Grooming

*Exaggeration                                                                   *Exaggeration

*Creates insecurity in victim                                          *learned helplessness

*Omission:                                                                         *Omission

*Equivocation (informal fallacy or                                 *Gaslighting

ambiguous language to conceal truth)

*Distortion (misleading account or impression)        *Divert focus onto victim –

Off of what they did

*Recruits victims                                                               *Recruits family/friends

to turn against victim

*Misleads                                                                            *Misleads

*Hide illegal and moral practices                                    *Hides illegal/moral practice

*Isolation of victims                                                          *Isolates victims

*Supervise victim contact with others                          *Policing time/place/activities

*Induced dependency                                                       *learned helplessness

*Demand absolute loyalty/devotion                              *Demand loyalty and respect

*Creates dread                                                                    *Creates dread

*Debilitating tactics                                                            *Debilitating tactics

*No accountability                                                              *No accountability

*leader is single defining power and control                 *Batterer is “god”

*not to be questioned or embarrassed                          *Not to be questioned/

or undermined

*Dark Triad Characteristics                                                *Dark Triad Traits

*Closed system                                                                    *Closed system

*Triangulation                                                                      *Triangulation

*Child Abuse                                                                         *Child abuse

*Fear centered and based                                                  *Fear centered and based

*No disobedience to leader                                                *No disobedience

Both try to get sickness marked as love. Both use mind control strategies/brain washing. Both are closed systems of logic and authoritarian structure geared to punish and remove the victims former abilities and systematically create dependence, learned helplessness, powerlessness and victim/hostage mindset for ultimate coercive control and power over victims.

When they lose control, or perceive their control is lost, they take drastic, even lethal measures to regain the power and control.