Wound Collectors: intentionally look for and collect social slights for their personal benefit in a way that is toxic or pathological.

People become would collectors, usually due to a personality disorder, certain character traits, or emotional instability. Hitler, Jim Jones, Osama bin Laden were wound collectors (D. Trump).

Joe Navarro in his book Hunting Terrorists: a look at the psychopathology of terror, refers to individuals, both in terrorism matters, and elsewhere, who, because of personality traits, collect social slights, historical grievances, or wrongs for reasons that personally benefit them or their belief system.

The collection of these grievances goes beyond what one normally experiences in life; after all, we have all had slights, and we have all been unfairly treated at some point. These individuals use their wrongs, slights, or wounds, to then justify their beliefs or behaviors, or to help them deal with their own psychological or social distress.

Wound collecting is the conscious and systematic collection and preservation of transgressions, violations, social wrongs, grievances, injustice, unfair treatment, or slights of self and others, for the purpose of nourishing, fortifying, or justifying a malignant ideology, for exacting revenge.

Anyone who – because of a personality disorder, character traits, insecurities, paranoia, fear or xenophobia, or is emotionally unstable – seeks to collect wounds and slights for a purpose that usually has negative social consequences or is self-serving.

These individuals can be anyone from a spouse, ex-president, terrorist, to a mass killer.