Batterers Program – 52 Week Program

The courts and Probation Department will only refer offenders to certified batterers program providing education services which include but are not limited to, lectures, classes, group discussions and counseling. All groups shall be led by trained facilitators certified through the Department of Probations recognized training programs.

Dr. Kathie Mathis is one of 3 recognized Batterers Certification Facilitator Trainers in Southern California. The 40 Hour Core Facilitation Certification training complies with the Standards required through the California Department of Probation to become a counselor working with offenders mandated to a 52 week Batterers Intervention Program. There is an internship that is required following the 40 Hour Core Education Training. 10 CEU’s available.

Cost: $35 per session and ($75 Intake fee – Cash only)

Anger Management Programs – 12 & 26 Week Programs

This training teaches you the techniques and gives you the skills to facilitate anger mangement workshops.
The certificate given is recognized by the California Dept. of Probation. Contact Dr. Kathie for dates and times.

Cost: $100 intake fee and $35 per group session.

Deferred Entry of Judgement Programs -16 & 28 Week Program

The program serves those that are heading for a jail and/or prison sentence and tries to get them to think about the lives they’ll lead if they do go to jail. In this deferred entry of judgment program the participants are encouraged to choose different attitudes, behaviors and beliefs about their lives and the directions they are going with their lives. Program utilizes psycho-educational EBT Cognitive/Behavioral education, interventions and preventions.

The goal of the program is to keep participants from recidivism, lower court cases and get participants back on the “right track” as good community members with successful integration into society.

Cost: $800 for 16 week program and $1500 for 28 week program. $150 intake fee

High Conflict Relationship Counseling

  • High conflict divorce is a term that is typically applied to any of the following divorce situations:
  • Ongoing, unremitting hostility between adults
  • Drawn-out or frequent court actions
  • Custody battles
  • Allegations of domestic violence, physical abuse, and/or sexual abuse
  • Restraining orders or no-contact orders
  • Lack of ability to communicate about children and their care

Research suggests that approximately 10% of the divorcing population can be identified as having high-conflict divorce. CCBI will help you work through the high conflict divorce and give you tools to help your children survive the divorce as well.

Cost: $200 per session