Court Ordered Programs

Batterers Program – 52 Week Program

If you have ever been accused or charged with domestic violence, you could be ordered by the court to complete the Batterer’s Intervention & Prevention Program, also known as BIPP. Sometimes, the Batterer’s Intervention & Prevention Program will be ordered by the judge as a part of your probation. Dr. Kathie Mathis is one of the three recognized Batterers Certification Facilitator Trainers in Southern California. This forty hour Training will be recognized all across the globe. It was designed in order to comply with the California Criminal Code 1203.098. The forty hour preparation is to verify that you are a facilitator and offers lessons for people that have been required and engage in the Batterers’ Treatment Program.

Cost: $35 per session and ($75 Intake fee – Cash only)

Anger Management Programs – 12 & 26 Week Programs

Anger is an extremely powerful emotion that can either help or hurt others around you. Anger is a very normal emotion, and even a healthy one, only if you deal with it positively. Nonetheless, if you believe that you are unable to properly control your anger and it has begun controlling you, then you might have to seek help immediately. If you are a therapist, minister, chief, mental health or fitness professional, educator, law officer – you meet with individuals, communicate with families, partners, co-workers, and even experts who sometimes mishandle frustration. This program will teach you the techniques help you acquire skills to facilitate anger management workshops. The certificate you receive at the end of the program is recognized by the California Dept. of Probation.

Cost: $100 intake fee and $35 per group session.

Deferred Entry of Judgment Programs -16 & 28 Week Program

This program serves all those individuals who have prison sentences. It helps people think about the lives they are going to lead once they go to prison. In our Deferred Entry of Judgment Program, we encourage participants to choose different beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes when it comes to their lives. Participants are also provided directions that help them figure out what they are going to do with their lives. Our program uses psycho-educational EBT Cognitive/Behavioral education, interventions and preventions to help out participants. The goal of this program is to keep partakers from recidivism, lower court cases and get participants back on the “right track” as good community members with successful integration into society.

Cost: $800 for 16 week program and $1500 for 28 week program. $150 intake fee

High Conflict Relationship Counseling

When parents’ divorce the feelings most of the time includes revenge, anger, hurt, bitterness, and blame. Battles over custody and visitation are commonplace. Parents are unaware of the pain divorce, and custodial issues might evoke in their kids. Children might feel caught up in the middle and start to blame themselves. If your divorce is resulting in this toxic conflict, we can help you out through our high conflict relationship counseling.

High conflict divorce is a term that is typically applied to any of the following divorce situations:
Ongoing, unremitting hostility between adults
Drawn-out or frequent court actions
Custody battles
Allegations of domestic violence, physical abuse, and/or sexual abuse
Restraining orders or no-contact orders
Lack of ability to communicate about children and their care

Cost: $200 per session