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POSITIVE INTENTIONS Having the right mindset during this time in our history is important to having a good day! With all the hate, misogyny, lies, shootings, and uncertainty; Leaders with no moral compass, who bully others, whose characters are centered around deceit and fake love proving “love thy neighbor as thy self” is not a

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Neuroscience of Memory Process

The two main types of memory processes that predominate when someone is in counseling and/or psychotherapy are Implicit and Explicit Memory. What separates them is the level of conscious awareness in memory recall. Explicit Memory:  when we recall a memory of a specific instance, event or fact. Implicit Memory:  when we are not aware (largely

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A friend of mine was visiting me this week and had brought his pet dog Kody to visit as well.  It was a beautiful day and we went for a walk in the i Forest close to my house. As we walked the trails and climbed over beautiful boulders, there would be some cactus from

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