This series entitled “My Story” is a blog journal by a young victim of child abuse who is sharing the experience of child abuse so that other teens might gain knowledge and information from her experience to help the recover as well.  I encouraged this person to journal and share as part of the healing process. We begin here on October 25, 2020:

“For the longest time, even now, I wanted someone to listen to me instead of forcing me to do what they wanted. I had to learn the hard way that people are trying so hard to ignore the ugly parts of life because they want to live in their little bubble for as long as they can. So many people have tried to give me a bandaid and expect all my problems and concerns to go away. But it doesn’t go away, the more you try to push away it comes back. My mother has done things to me that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. More than anything I wanted to find someone who knew what I was going through, but I didn’t have that unfortunately. So if my story helps someone feel like their seen then I’ve done an okay job. I have grown up way too fast and become too mature for my age. My situation shouldn’t have forced me to do that, but it did. My story starts with my mother and her “parenting ways”. In her eyes, nothing I did was ever good enough, nothing. If I had gotten an A, why didn’t I get an A+. But it got worse and worse the older I got. Questions turned into screaming and screaming turned into physical abuse. My mother had tried to mold me into what she couldn’t be. Because of that she lost me. One of the worst times of my life is when I lost my dad. My mother had come home screaming and immediately tried to fight with my dad. She called him names that a kid shouldn’t have heard. She started to get physical and my dad was forced to leave. I was glad that he had gotten out but I had to face my mother alone now. I missed my dad so much but I knew he couldn’t come back and I had to be extremely careful when trying to contact him. My mother checked my phone records every day to make sure I hadn’t called him. I didn’t have anything anymore. I wish I hadn’t taken him for granted because now I was alone. While my mother didn’t use much physical abuse, she mentally broke me. And because of her I’m struggling to be happy when I’m finally in a place where I should be able to be happy. I hate what she has done to me but I’m ready to share my story to make another person feel understood.”  (to be continued).