Having the right mindset during this time in our history is important to having a good day! With all the hate, misogyny, lies, shootings, and uncertainty; Leaders with no moral compass, who bully others, whose characters are centered around deceit and fake love proving “love thy neighbor as thy self” is not a guide in their policies, , we seek to keep our lives with some sort of perspective.

Whether you hope for success at work, home, or life in general, establishing the right intentions can help you stay optimistic and positive during the challenges that enter your life.

Celebrating the joys of life when we see them reminds us that we have hope for every day and in every day.  William James states, “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”  Those words are true.

So what does living with intention mean?  It means to become the leading agent of your own life.  It means to determine the path you are putting yourself into – living life with intention does not mean trying to control everything around you but to deal with what is happening around you properly.

Here are 10 actions to live life by design, instead of by accident:

  1. Ask yourself, what does success look like to me?
  2. Picture a day in your ideal life
  3. Get real about your fears
  4. Stop comparing yourself to others
  5. Reminder, you can’t control everything
  6. Let 10 minutes daily transform you
  7. Listen to your inner voice
  8. Protect and direct your energy wisely
  9. Remember the importance of all things – including life itself
  10. Keep a reality check

Happiness is the joy you experience when you are striving towards your potential every day.  We have a limited time on this earth and our time is precious.  We need to motivate, value and plan each day with intention, surrounding ourselves with supportive people and staying true to our purpose. This is living life by design and with intention. It is transformational if done daily.

If we choose not to live life proactively and with intention, we waste much of it.  Live life being mindful of how you are spending your time, creating environments which can make you grow as a person, dealing with life issues properly, recognizing daily experiences and designing your life so that you get more of the experiences that are actually worth something and less of those that are out of your control and stress producing.

Cultivate inspiration and motivation along with supportive environments are the three pillars of intentional living. If you can do these three things your life will have amazing outcomes on a daily basis because you are recognizing things you might currently not be recognizing and understand yourself and life experiences better. It will help you understand a lot about what actually makes you happy and what doesn’t.  In short, you will understand what to go for and what to leave behind and what to avoid.  That is what it means to be an agent of YOU and FOR YOU!!

So how do we get inspired and motivated? We expose ourselves to some kind of mental stimulation, ideas, thoughts, perspectives, interesting people, stories and observe others who are doing something that is inspiring and motivating and model after them.

Here are some steps for intention success every day:

  1. create a mantra……
  2. share your intention with a friend – put it out into the universe
  3. create a ritual daily
  4. meditate and v c. verbally share your intention with yourself – out loud and internally. Visualize.
  5. practice gratitude
  6. remind yourself daily
  7. ask for what you want, think about it, revel in it, vision it, and let it happen by trusting the process
  8. consider how you will feel when your intention happens
  9. write it down, spell it out, from beginning to end. What are your goals, what is your life going to look like once you receive what you want to accomplish, and then read what you wrote daily to set your mindset for that day – one day at a time.

There was a study done on happiness and it found that the most happy people are those who have supportive environments and people they are in relationships with.  We create happiness in our life through our environment which includes family, friends, lovers, and associations.  Design your environments properly so your purpose is focused on love, support, treating others as you want to be treated, and your life will be filled with intentional direction.

Just do it and let me know how your life is transformed. Living with intention  is talking, taking action, and building a worthwhile life through intention mindset.