Do you get wrapped up in the busyness of the holiday season? Do you remember why Christmas is so important?

The true meaning of Christmas is “to give up one’s very self — to think only of others — how to bring the greatest happiness to others”

When I hear that people are depressed because they are lonely, or their children aren’t with them; or they are going through a separation or divorce; someone has passed away recently; someone just found out they have a terminal illness; all of these reasons are good reasons for finding no joy in this holiday. But when you know and remember that the “reason for the season” is to “give up one’s very self – to think of others-how to bring the greatest happiness to others” then we can set aside our selfish emotional selves and look “outside” of us to think of others and how to bring the greatest happiness to them and find our joy. I am not discounting that we are not entitled to our feelings of sorrow as we certainly are. However I am suggesting that we go beyond those feelings and take action on bringing joy to someone else and focus on “bringing happiness” to them. In doing so we help ourselves get through what otherwise might be a difficult time. I know I have had to stretch myself in the past when going through a difficult time around the holidays to remember to do this myself. I do practice what I teach.

We are like rooms. Our lives contain moments of happiness and joy blended with a mix of sorrow and loneliness. Do you feel broken and alone this Christmas? If so then remember the reasons we celebrate this time of year – our world is broken and we were given a gift of a baby in swaddling clothes to bring us happiness and a future. Heaven chose to have a “family” member leave it to come down in human form to help us. Heaven grieved and yet was happy at the same time due to this act of love. The true meaning of Christmas is the celebration of this incredible act of love.

Remember that love when passed on cheers people up during a cold and depressing time of year for some; provides lots of food for others who don’t have food; provides a visit with a lonely person at their home or inviting them to yours; getting together with family and friends; giving each other gifts; being kind to others, and helping those in any kind of need.

To be in the “spirit” of Christmas – love is the center of all you do. It is not a “December” thing – it is a “Year Long Season” thing.

Remember that the true meaning of Christmas is the celebration of an incredible act of love that took place long ago to show us how to bring love into our present day.

Merry Christmas and Joy to the World!!!