This is Blog 9 for me. Sharing my experience to help others:Being so closely involved in the court process has really showed me how little stability I really have. I am constantly if not always in the middle of my parents. It’s a constant tug of war that I can’t control or stop. After months of working towards being better and actually seeing progress in myself, my progress was halted. It’s hard to want to keep up hobbies and even harder to motivate yourself to take care of yourself. I feel sluggish and unmotivated when I have to stop my progress for someone else. I had begun to develop new hobbies, I’d started planning hang outs with friends, and I’d started and continued a healthy routine. And then my mother evicted me. It was really hard to have to pack my life up in just ten minutes. Especially in front of police officers, my neighbors, someone who was supposed to be my legal representative, and my mother. My “legal representative” over a period of a few months had been saying things that essentially blamed me for my bad experiences. He had also seemed to blame for causing pain to my mother. I love my mother but she has hurt me in any ways that are irreparable. I am not the reason for my mother’s pain, she has only herself to blame for that. I’m in a stabler position now. But I didn’t realize the toll that that event had had on me. Until I was able to sit down and think. I didn’t want to do basic things and I’d given up on my hobbies. All in a matter of hours, I plummeted. It was crushing, to see my effort and hard work disappear instantly. That was how little stability and control I’d had. But I can’t let myself plummet so I won’t. I was able to motivate myself to get up early and I’m glad. This event, and with the help of others, has showed me that I need to be around stability. I need to enjoy my summer and just be a kid. Because I’m only 14 and I don’t need this stress and weight to drag me down further. I hate that family court does this to children. To kids, like me. We are forced into situations that force us to mature. To adapt, to be an adult. But we’re not adults and it’s not my job to be the adult. That’s supposed to be my parents. So I’m glad that I’m able to actually relax for the summer. Because I’ve been on edge for months despite my self growth. It’s unfortunate that I’ve had to mature so quickly but it’s something that I do appreciate.

14 Year Old Victim