Emotional Addiction: A Bittersweet Truth

Emotional Addiction: A Bittersweet Truth


Do you wonder why it is so difficult to leave relationships that are not good for you? This book is about emotional bonding that is created and held onto. Emotional bonding keeps us from moving forward in our lives and leaving these negative relationships when we should. It provides solutions to overcoming those negative emotional bonds.

An amazing insight into the Psychology of addiction. Certainly a good read!!

-Stephanie Paul


Emotional Addiction: A Bittersweet Truth is a book written by Dr. Kathie Mathis

Did you know that you can become addicted to an emotion or emotions and those emotions keep you from moving forward in your life?

Emotional addiction comes from genetics, ancestry, behaviors and attitudes, and connections or lack of to our spirituality. Emotional addiction is the condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or involved in something.

Emotions are holographic reactions to our experiences. There are chemicals for every emotional state we experience. The hypothalamus creates peptides which it sends out to thousands of receptors on one cell. They attach and signal what goes into our cells (What the Bleep Do We Know?). We become addicted to an emotional state and stay addicted unless we change our attachments, emotions, and beliefs about things.

We are emotions and emotions are we. Emotions enrich our experience but our addictions to these emotions are the problem because they create biochemical addictions. When you think of all of your experiences with the emotions you have attached to them – from the brain going down to the very cells of your body – no wonder it is hard to leave abusive relationships, people, food, and sex. No wonder it is hard to overcome drug and alcohol addictions, food addictions, gambling addictions and more. Not only is the recovery process changing attitudes and beliefs, but it is also receiving and applying educational information, which creates a biochemical addiction recovery on both physical and spiritual levels.

Our body uses combinations of special chemicals to produce each of the different emotions. Do you know that there is a certain chemical combination for happiness, and sadness, and anger, and victimization, and any other emotion that you can think of?

Throughout the years, people develop an addiction to the different chemicals of different emotions. The point is the more people feel a certain emotion, the more addicted to that emotion they become. For example, if you get angry on a consistent basis, you develop an emotional addiction to the anger chemicals. And if you play a victim and cry why you long enough, you habituate that way of being and develop an emotional addiction to those specific chemicals. As each of the cells divides, the new cells created need more and more of those specific chemicals in order to get the same stimulation as the old cell.

So how does this all connect with the law of attraction? Our usual emotional state attracts to us more of that emotional state. So you can see that if we are addicted to specific emotional states, we have to undo the habitual addiction to those negative emotional states and develop new behaviors and habits for the positive emotional chemicals. Thus, people often will act in particular ways just to get the fix of their emotional addiction. For many people, it is difficult to get past emotional addictions and develop more productive and positive emotional addictions. You have to will to practice new behaviors in order to develop new habits and therefore new emotional and positive emotions.

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