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The “Me Too” movement is bringing awareness to what many of us have known for years, to be an all too common occurrence in the lives of women. That is having to be put into a position to be sexually harassed and assaulted as part of a job interview, requirement and/or acquisition. Now that is

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What is Ego Fragidity!

What is ego fragidity – Dr. Jeremy Sherman states that it is when we get hyper-vigilant against attacks, challenges, feedback or questions. We get prickly and rigid, insistent that we’re on top of things, precisely because we’re not. To those around us it can look like the height of arrogance but it’s actually vulnerability. We

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Practicing JOY!!

Practicing Joy I have found that I wake up happy and ready for my day but when I turn on the television and begin to watch the morning news – something happens. I begin to get angry due to what I am watching – the news. Everything is so negative, our President is so negative,

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