Report on Crisis in California Family Court

CA NOW recognizes that there is a crisis in the family courts. We have had hundreds of complaints from mothers whose divorce, custody and child support cases denied them their right to due process and failed to consider the best interests of the child. CA NOW documented the results of analysis of 300 family law cases in our 2002 Family Court Report. About 40% of custody cases are contested today due to allegations of child abuse, molestation and domestic violence. Tragically, in some of these cases perfectly fit mothers are losing custody of their children to abusers. Pseudoscientific psychological theories are used as legal strategies to switch custody from or deny visitation rights to mothers of abused children. In cases where fathers contest custody, they win sole or joint custody 40 to 70 percent of the time.
(Casey Gwinn is the former San Diego City Attorney who founded the internationally recognized San Diego Family Justice Center which is credited with reducing domestic violence homicides in San Diego by over 60%. He currently serves as the President of the National Family Justice Center Alliance which is developing specialized, multi-agency Centers to stop domestic violence across the United States.

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