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Dr. Mathis is an experienced coach who helps organizations and individuals to achieve optimum performance. Below is a recent survey outlining the benefits of coaching.

These figures are taken from a recent issue of the Work Foundation’s “Managing Best Practice” series. The report was based on a survey of human resource and personnel specialists. Check out the most recent survey on Executive Coaching.

Main benefits of coaching:

Generates improvements in individuals’ performance/targets/goals 84%
Increased openness to personal learning and development 60%
Helps identify solutions to specific work-related issue 58%
Greater ownership and responsibility 52%
Developing self-awareness 42%
Improves specific skills or behavior 38%
Greater clarity in roles and objectives 37%
Corrects performance/performance difficulties 33%

Main benefits of coaching to the organization:

Allows fuller use of individual’s talents/potential 79%
Demonstrates commitment to individuals and their development 69%
Higher organizational performance/productivity 69%
Increased creativity/learning/knowledge 63%
Intrinsically motivates people 57%
Facilitates the adoption of a new culture/Management style 39%
Improves relationships between people/departments 35%

Managing Best Practice Research on Coaching
Research findings summarized are based on a survey of 339 human resource and personnel specialists who responded to a questionnaire in May 1999.

Why is coaching so influential?
It helps the client focus on getting results, challenges, changes or on learning the most important individual as well as organizational values
Studies on executive coaching (Manchester 2001, MetrixGlobal 2001) have showed that well-designed coaching programs can attain a level of investment return varying from 500% to 700%.
It sets a reliable, confidential relationship that can be assessed through the results obtained
It increases awareness, it encourages a strategic approach and formulation of hypothesis, it changes the perspective and sustains quick development
It supports development and increases the interpersonal competences, as well as business and leadership competences; as a result, both the individual and the organization are benefiting
Professionalism in coaching means the mixture of analytical and intuitive skills with the experience in management.