21 Day Get Started Communicating Right Program

In working in the mental health field for over 20 years and specifically in the domestic violence and abuse arenas, one thing that I discovered over and over was that therapists I came in contact with did not know how to teach their clients how to talk to each other when domestic violence was present.

One of the important areas that I would concentrate on in women’s groups as well as individual counseling was how to answer the “I don’t know how to respond” remarks: “But he says this and I don’t know how to respond. Or he will come back at me with this and I am left with nothing to say because I don’t know what to say.”

My 21 Day Get Started Communicating Right Program came out of that experience. Countless women that would say to me, “Dr. Kathie, I wish I had a tape recorder of you saying the things we need to learn to say so we could practice and come out feeling empowered from conversations that the abuser means to demean, demand and belittle us with.”

For survivors of abuse and other women who want that empowerment to be able to state that they have a right to be heard, to be honored and to be recognized for the wonderful people that they are the 21 Day Get Started Communicating Right Program will teach you techniques, provide role playing, provide for better understanding of your relationship knots. If you-

Find you are being sabotaged by a significant other
Find that negative behaviors keep you from good communication
Find negative attitudes stop you and your significant other from talking to each otherFind that Relationship Knots bind you and restrain you from relationship happiness
Want to identify and apply your inner empowerment
Want a fulfilling relationship
Want to get started recovering from abuse

– then you will want the Domestic Violence Assessment Program to help you identify if you are a victim of relationship abuse and enroll in the “21 Day Get Started Communicating Right” Program which will shift your life into taking charge of your life and your relationship. Contact Dr. Kathie Mathis, Psy.D, NCP, DAPA for more information at 818-419-1178.